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Buy to let investments

Letz Invest – An Investment opportunity in the Buy-to-Let Property Sector

Letz Invest is company run by me and my son Jon.

It is a low risk investment opportunity offering good returns for those wishing to invest in the Buy-To-Let Property Sector.

“A house needs only to increase in value by 25% to double your deposit investment.”  

Our Approach

We borrow on mortgages from mainstream lenders such as Birmingham Midshires, Nottingham etc. but of course an investor can choose their own lender.

They provide their own valuer, so values of properties are independently assessed.

Lenders want 125% rent cover before they will lend. So if mortgage rates increase by 25% the rents will still cover the monthly mortgage payments. We would of course expect rental payments to increase over time anyway!

There are options for 50:50 partnership with us retaining half ownership.

Ownerships can also be arranged through a trust. 

Of course any investment would be preceded by an in depth discussion.
What we do in general


  • Buy and renovate properties before installing a tenant.
  • Then sell to an investor either 50% (with 50% from us) or 100%.
  • Our service is aimed at investors who have cash, want to invest into the property sector, but who does not have the time, inclination or knowledge. They invest and we do everything else.
  • 50:50 partnerships are becoming increasingly popular because it is underpinned by our long term interest and commitment to the project.
  • Typically we refurbish a house every 1-2 months.
  • The business model works so there is no heavy sell from us.


If you want to know more about investment opportunities with Letz Invest please call us on 01274 483004