Why us

Why choose us?

  • You will receive a personal and friendly service.
  • We try to work to optimum efficiency and so we try to make the work that you have to do as simple as possible.
  • Your taxation and financial affairs will be looked after to the highest possible professional standards.
  • You will find that we work to try to ensure that all of your returns comply with all relevant regulations to try to avoid time-consuming and therefore expensive unnecessary queries from the Authorities.
  • You will have confidence in the quality of the returns which have been submitted in such circumstances where queries cannot be avoided. Our aim is that due the accuracy of our work queries can be settled without the payment of extra tax and the resultant surcharges/interest/penalties.
  • You will find that we are happy to spend the time necessary to ensure that all of your affairs are ordered in a tax efficient manner.

A new client who has used another accountant often finds our approach refreshing and due to the effort which we put in they often see an appreciable annual tax saving.


You will benefit from our emphasis on planning. If you and we plan adequately, many of the problems which businesses and individuals face may be avoided. Proper bookkeeping  and systems leads to greater ease and accuracy in preparing accounts. Accurate accounts lead to accurate returns. These lead to fewer queries which allows you to get on with the real job of running your business.


Timely and accurate figures enable us to provide you with appropriate strategic planning support so that we can help you achieve your business and personal goals.





You may fall into one of the following categories:




You are experiencing a change of circumstances:

Setting up in business


Someone close has died



You may have nothing to compare us with but please arrange a no-obligation meeting with us and we will show you what benefits we can offer you.




You may find that your fees are relatively low but that you need more pro-active support and an accountant with a wider range of services than you presently receive.


Please arrange a no-obligation meeting with us and we will show you what extra benefits we can offer you.




You may feel that your accountants were good but they appear to be going stale and that your work is being handled as a routine.


Please arrange a no-obligation meeting with us and we will show you how we can refresh matters and raise your levels of service.



  • You may well feel that the personal service has gone.
  • Fees have risen.
  • Levels of service have declined.
  • There is little pro-active advice offered.
  • Mostly, advice which you need you have to seek.
  • You may feel fobbed off onto a lower level member of staff.
  • He is willing but sadly lacks the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to give you the support which you deserve.
  • Your accountants’ partners specialise and so with many questions, no one person can answer.
  • The audit partner must speak with the corporate tax partner who must involve the personal tax partner etc.
Several of our new clients come from such a background and are impressed with how one of us can answer their questions and move matters forward.